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Kaufee Comics' Original Character, Miss July, the small town girl, denied the chance to fight in WWII, went from Pin-Up to Power-House and became one of America Greatest Patriotic heroes!
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Real Name: Margot L'Herault
Known Aliases: Miss July, MJ
Identity: (Secret or public?) Public
Occupation: Full-time Hero, U.S. Gov't strategic consultant, Soldier
Place of Birth: Lac Courte Orielles, WI (Couderay)
Citizenship: US
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Allies: The Righteous, Thunder Force, The Vigilant, Mr. and Ms. Superior, The Rott, FyreFly, The Zillionaire
Major Adversaries: Commander Techstone, Stein Adler, Hoodlum, Adolf Hitler and All Nazis, Parellelo-Man, Spore-Lord, Ape-Plus, Tit-Mouse, Cthu-Tep, Fetor, Omega, and all those oppose freedom!
Group Affiliations: The Righteous fav.me/d66ypo7, Thunder Force fav.me/d6azp66, The Vigilant fav.me/d5pn7ya
Usual Base of Operations: ThunderForce Tower (currently destroyed), Zenith Tower
Extent of Education: Masters in History, Art, and Mythological Studies. 70 years of service and experience serving her country, with school in her free time.

Height: 6ft
Weight: 165
Eyes: Brilliant Blue
Hair: Light Blonde
Other Distinguishing Characteristics: Ahem' hmmm...Busty!
Abilities: Super strength, agility, reflexes, near invulnerability, Master in the ways of the Spear, Black Belt in Karate, Master of Jeet Kune Do, World Welter Weight Champion 1983, Excellent Marksmen with most military grade weapons, Accomplished Sniper. Class III tank operator, Amateur helicopter pilot.

Miss July was a small town girl, who grew up in a big family with all brothers on a farm. With the Nazi threat gaining power in Europe, one by one her brothers enlisted in the Army. WWII was here. She tried every way possible to follow in her brothers' footsteps, but was denied and shrugged off at every turn. She decides the best way to serve her country is to join the U.S.O. that tours and entertains audiences to raise money for war bonds, but also entertains soldiers, sometimes on foreign soil. Margot had the idea to make a calendar that would be free to give out to soldiers featuring pin-ups of the ladies in the show. Margot was Miss July. Her picture was a favorite among soldiers for what appeared to be a nipple slip. During one of these shows in the South of France, the camp was attacked by Nazis soldiers, led by the Stein Adler (Golden Eagle) and Hoodlum fav.me/d379prh . Their objective was to find a blonde. Young Margot was kidnapped and the camp was slaughtered. She was then taken to a small rocky island in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Italy, the Nazis' ally at-the-time. At the mouth a great cavern, she was offered as a sacrifice to an ancient mythological monster. In return the Monster would join the fight against the US and Allied Forces in WWII, and instruct the Reich in ancient magics and occult knowledge. During their transaction, Margot breaks free of her restraints. With her exit blocked her only move is to descend deeper into the cave system with Nazi soldiers on her heels. Cornered she dives into a pool which connects to under water cave system. Underwater she sees a light that draws her to a cavernous room, the only entrance through these treacherous underwater caves. Upon surfacing, she breaths deep a magical pnuema that has filled this air tight cavern. The pnuema emanated from a glowing crack in a stone that lay upon a rocky alter. This pnuema empowers and changes Margot, she grows taller, stronger, more agile, and her hair grows longer instantly transforming her into the Patriotic Pin-Up turned Power House, Miss July!

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