Sketch Dump #7 ~ Windagill Valley Setpieces Picture

First deviation of 2013! ^0^/

And it's a sketch!.........8/.........

Ah well, since I have the time, I better get ideas like this down anyway.

Anyway, I'm busy trying to design Artie's home village. I'm still thinking of a name for it, so I'll get back to you on that one. And of course, I'll show you the concept sketch of the village when I'm done.

But for now, I'll show you some setpieces: Artie's house, where he lives with his mother, grandfather, and two twin sisters. And a windmill, which I highlighted as being green because I intend to draw three windmills, all colour-coded. One's red, one's blue, and one's green.

Tell me what you guys think! And if you guys have any suggestions for what Artie's village could consist of, let me know! ^-^

As for any polished drawings that I usually submit... not sure when I'll get to that.
I'll see if I can think of something.

Artie & "Golden Sky Hero" Concept © *The-Quill-Warrior
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