My Life as a Teenage Robot: War for Cluster Prime Picture

Chapter One: War Dawn:

Chapter Two: a Friend in Need:

Chapter Three: QT-2:

Chapter Four: The Coming Storm:

Chapter Five: Prime Target:

Chapter Six: Robot in Disguise:

Chapter Seven: The Return of Vexus:

Chapter Eight: Saving Vega:

Chapter Nine: Fall of Tremorton:

Chapter Ten: Fallen Hero:

Chapter Eleven: Return to Cybertron:

Chapter Twelve: a Rude Awakening:

Chapter Thirteen: Shocking Revelations:

Chapter Fourteen: No Bot Left Behind:


As far as crossovers go, this is one of my better ones,
who doesn't think 'Warring Transforming Robots' and 'a Teenaged Robot Girl' go together?!

Anyhow, the storyline pretty focuses on the parallel between Cybertron and Cluster Prime,
and, explores the probable notion of "history repeating itself" (I.E: Robot Civil War)

while a Transformers Crossover,
I don't really make it clear WHICH version of Transformers is at play.

it's a bit of a fusion of multiple continuties..
a mixture of G1/Beast Era, Prime and Animated (in others words: Pretty Much ALL of Them.)

the focus pairing of the story is Princess Vega and an OC,
a Technorganic Cyborg whose the son of Autobots Arcee and Hot Rod,
as well as Spike and Carly Witwicky (just roll with it, alright??)

the fiction also detailed the origin of Queen Vexus (according to ME)
and, seemlessly intergrates the Transformers Mythology into the Universe of MLAATR.

Basically: If you are a fan of MLAATR, or Transformers..or BOTH,
then, you may end up liking this story ALOT.


My Life as a Teenage Robot © Rob Renzetti

Transformers ©

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