Kelly Solon Picture

Back Story: Kelly lived a dull and average life and wished for something interesting to happen in his life. One day after returning home for break from college a mysterious and beautiful woman appeared out of nowhere in his room when he was going to sleep. This woman wound up being Eris the Greek goddess of discord and strife, she was willing to make a deal with Kelly. For a chance of an adventure she would share his body so that she could have the same fame and following she had (if not more) during Ancient Greece. Kelly accepted without even thinking.
Ever since that day Kelly has developed a black streak in his bangs, heterochromia iridium (two different colored irises), and also shows signs of multiple mental disorders. He and Eris consider him/her a hero although they act more like the bad guy usually; however, if he thinks of you as a friend (or something more) he will do anything to make sure you are okay. He also will kill a person for laughing at another person's dream.

Powers: Super strength, durability, endurance, reactions, agility
Enhanced healing rate and speed
Probability Manipulation
Transformation (male, female, and in-between only)
Can sense demons, angels, and other mythological deities (Mystic Sight)
Weapon: Golden apple that can transform into various weapons. However, it can only transform as many times as the number of bites it would take for Kelly to eat an apple.
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