Vindi - Goofy Gnolls Picture

Another from the free-to-play PC game, Vindictus.

Vindictus has gnolls, trolls, lizardmen, and various other anthro/semi-anthro/mythological awesomeness. There are so many ideas with the critters from that game I'd like to draw that it's ridiculous. The designs are spiffy.

I don't remember their names, but the fluffy-eared one is a bright young archer, and has a crush on his trainer/superior soldier, a grey-muzzled, middle-aged male. A regular Gruffington McGrouchmeister, that guy, but his easy-going student manages to adore him anyway, somehow.

They were on the side of the Red Gnoll Cheiftain, who wanted to leave the war and let his people live in peace in the ruins. After their leader was killed by humans, they managed to steal a boat and escape the ruins, to unknown forested territory off the coast... (Season 2 territory! Dun dun DUNNN...!)

Universe: Vindictus/Mabinogi Heroes
Characters: Male Gnoll OCs

Concepts and world belong to their respective creators.

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