Troll King Bogarag and Sensou Picture

Troll King Bogarag
Height: 30 meters
Type: The Troll Kaiju
Powers: Brute strength, tusk, turns to stone so if expose to sunlight or ultra violet light, very low healing factor, and can out smell even Tyron.

Height: 50 meters
Type: The Black Japanese Phoenix Kaiju
Powers: Controls weather, toothed beak, talons, mach 2 flight, has an arm of goblin samurai at his command, low healing factor, can shoot an electrical ray called The Thunder Craker, brother to Heiwa, expert conqueror, and spike underbelly

Bio: Every hero has a villian, where there is light there is dark, and where there is peace war in near. In ancient time Sensou was the protector of a long lost city along with his only sister Heiwa. However his thirst for war was greater than the mythological Ares. He began to conquer lands until his goblins ran into Tyron's Village. Despite Tyron friendship with Heiwa, Tyron and Sensou would forever be mortal enemies. Even in the present their war continues.

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