Sketch Dump #1 Picture

Just a little sketch dump.

Nothing much to say here except I wanted to work on the characters' expressions a lot more.

If you can't tell what each sketch is, I'll explain for you:

- Dark Blue Sketch ~ Morry acting all flustered. Dawww, ain't she cute? ^3^
- Dark Brown Sketch ~ Val mouth-watering over a bar of chocolate. It's her favourite food and she would sometimes go coocoo for cocoa puffs over it.
- Dark Green Sketch ~ Artie being strictly told what he needs to do on his quest by Old Madame Evergreen. The cane is part of the old woman's hand you see.
- Dark Purple Sketch ~ Skroll being annoyed by some of his lesser-brained minions. I do like the situations when a smart but evil character is constantly irritated by a dumb but equally as evil character (Kinda like Pinky and the Brain!)
- Dark Violet Sketch ~ Frido sniffing for clues. He is a dog-dragon after all! XD
- Orange Sketch ~ Toby! Dawwww... ^-^
- Pink Sketch ~ Artie and Simonius in another bickerment, whilst Val and Morry are staring in confusion (of what they're fighting about! XD)
- Red Sketch ~ Val teasing Artie by impersonating him with his helmet on. She's making fun of his brash confidence and naivete. Frido seems to like the joke! X)

Oh, and for those who have been following these ideas so far, I'm planning to rename this series from "Dawn Over Dusk" to "Golden Sky Hero".

Golden Sky Hero © *The-Quill-Warrior
Artie, Val, Morry, Simonius, Frido, Toby & Skroll © *The-Quill-Warrior
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