It's a B Sketchies Picture

Originally going to be called "Sketchies 8"

Does anyone remember that one cool song "It's a B Movie / It's Like a Movie" from "The Brave Little Toaster" during their youth? Needless to say, I decided to draw the characters and make tribute to the song in human form. Keep in mind though that Toaster and Lampy are still females in the human version since you can tell that their eyes are bigger and coloured (mostly brown) compared to the smaller black eyes of Radio, Kirby and Blanky. After my first attempt to draw Kirby, I find out that he is now easier to draw than the first time I drew him. Anyway, as for the characters that are surrounding our heroes, it's quite hard to depict them as humans since most of them are monstrous (the broken TV, the ceiling fan and the tape recorder for example) but overall I did pretty good. As for the human version of the blue fan (one that is behind Kirby BTW) that is one of the characters singing the song, the blue fan is female instead of male.

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