I can go the distance Picture

umm I had some issues with the first upload xD;; round two!
haha this was done relatively fast C:
it's an awkward teenage Hercules from... Disney's Hercules
I drew him in animu style so he doesn't look as awkward as he did in the movie
he looked really well done in the movie
aside the point
I think he was meant to look like an awkward teen
except they didn't do it awkwardly?
aksjdhk anyguay
why Hercules?
Well, truth be told, ~StrawberryLatte12 tagged a post on tumblr with those lyrics
and I was immediately inspired
thanks Strawberry 8D

also, Hercules is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time... not because I'm into Greek mythology (I'm really not), but because Hercules started out as a humble person, then worked hard to reach his goals. However, he became prideful along the way, and failed to see the most important things in life. Pretty soon after, he got his priorities sorted out, and laid down his life for someone he loved. In the end, they both lived C: plus the music was pretty awesome in the movie xD
"Even immortality is empty without the one you love. Being famous doesn't make you a hero; true heroism means having a generous heart."

hmm that's all~ glory be to God for the abilities He's given me!

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