Lung Picture

Lung from Wildbow's web serial 'Worm' at

Code Name:Lung (Derived from the Chinese word for dragon)

Name: Kenta

Classification: Villain

Power: Lung possesses basic pyrockensis, healing factor, heightened durability, and enhanced senses. When in the presence of conflict (whether direct conflict or the possibility of conflict) his abilities increases continuously until the conflict, or the source of the conflict, has been eliminated. As his abilities increase, he undergoes physical changes by growing metal scales, wings, and changing into a draconic shape. The upper limits of his abilities are unknown.

Description: He was a little over six feet, [...]. He had an ornate metal mask over his face, and wasn’t wearing a shirt [...]. Sprawling tattoos covered his body from the neck down, all depicting dragons from Eastern mythology.

Well this was a bit of a challenge. The tattoos were not easy to do. I added a few western dragons due to getting bored of eastern dragons.
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