the forge of Vulcan Picture

Gefest ( Ἥφαιστος) - in Greek mythology, God of fire, the protector of blacksmiths and the most skilled Smith. In the Mycenaean texts mention estimates only: a-pa-i-ti-jo (Hephaestus?)
Gera conceived, and bare Hephaestus itself, without man's participation. he was born from the leaf of lettuce, by which the goddess hit hand.
Ptah, the Hellenic traditions associated with Hephaestus it's a good God, what would patronize the architect. Hephaestus is a cultural hero, with up-Hellenic banded chthonic roots. Ήφαιστος - etymology of the name of that God does not have a Greek translation, the hilt called the handle of a cold weapon, which makes the relationship of Hephaestus not only with weapons, but by the arms . Hephaestus is considered to be the God of the Underground fire - Underground sun.
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