Bob says Hello. Picture

‘I am Bob,' said Bob.
Tartarus hissed. 'What is that? What is Bob?'
'I choose to be more than Iapetus,' said the Titan. 'You do not control me. I am not like my brothers.'
The collar of his coveralls bulged. Small Bob leaped out. The kitten landed on the ground in front of his master, then arched his back and hissed at the lord of the abyss.
As Annabeth watched, Small Bob began to grow, his form flickering until the little kitten had become a full-sized, translucent skeleta saber-toothed tiger.
'Also,' Bob announced, 'I have a good cat.'

So I had a Heroes of Olympus - marathon a couple of days ago, even though I promised myself not to because the last book isn't out yet and I just can't deal well with suspense and I was surprisingly okay until this guy came along and made me cry. And then I found disappointingly little fanart for the big boy and his cat and that's just no good. I drew a different scene than the one in italics - the one before the elevator closes - but I tweaked it a bit for the dramatic effect (back turned and still in possession of his broom-spear).

This was supposed to be simple and didn't turn out how I wanted it to but digital art/photoshop is still sort of like enemy territory, like when you venture it and take up arms and it's a real battle and then you return to your cohort and they're like “What the hell happened to you?“ and just receive blank stares when you try to explain because doesn't the computer do the job for you? and I'm gonna cross this out because it turned into a rant sorryaaand I guess I'm still kind of happy how it turned out, at least not bad for a amateur.

© HoO and the characters belong to Rick Riordan, who wrote a kickass series that's also pretty educational if you've always wanted to know more about greek mythology

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