GIP: Helios Picture

Helios, the Titan! Within the mythologies and the GIP universe, he's one of the few surviving members of the previous generation of deities.

As the representation of the Sun, all-seeing and all-hearing (not unlike a Greek version of Heimdall) he spends most of his time riding around in a flaming chariot bourne by four flaming steeds. What time he doesn't spend on-duty, he spends hanging out with Sage as one of the few Gods that actually likes her.

If anyone is wondering why he has glowy eyes, several records of the various myths involving Helios and his offspring note that he and his line are easily identified by their eyes -which are so unnaturally bright that rays of light eminate from them.

Helios follows a the "Hero's Code" -as it's referred to amongst those who study Greek and Roman mythology- which states that one should "help one's friends and harm one's enemies." He'd fit in well enough in the Victorian era, being very concerned with proper conduct and propriety, but he's not so stiff-necked as to be insufferable. Beyond that, he's a fairly warm and benevolent character with a wry sense of humour.

He has a slightly awkward relationship with Apollo in the story; mortals keep confusing the two which means Apollo (who is technically just a plague and music god) makes the odd bid for supremecy.
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