Twin Summoners from Napaimpo Picture

Napaimpo is the part of Crisald that represents almost all of Asia. In there, the twin alligator brothers are doing what the know best. Bari is scheming something to become powerful and conquer the world. Cela is just being nice and trying to help her brother out. Of course their schemes never work, Cela always starts chating with her friends during battles and Bari is kind of patetic fighting alone.

Bari: He only can summon animals.

Cela: A good spell caster of the water element, she acts as a healer and is also a great plant summoner.

Together: The are very powerful and can summon great mythological beasts, like that weird lion creature back there.

Two of my favourite characters. Bari began as a parody of Asckot of Rayearth, Cela was a joke of the joke, but i ended up adding them to the storie, first as comic relief villains, just to become comic relief heroes. Love the pair!!

NOTE: I used a lion creature that the pictomancer princess from Rayearth season 2 summoned to attack the three girls as a reference.
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