Hojo Picture

This is Hojo, one of my lesser known OC's. He's an oc i made while i played the game Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology He's primarily the Thief or Ninja class, though mostly Thief. If you played the game then you know the story, about how the main character (the player's character) is the descender of the world tree and joins the guild Ad Libitum to help out. And though Hojo technically is the descender for the game, i alter it a bit so he's more of a character then the hero. Actually yea he isn't a hero, he's more of the anti hero. Born in poverty and an orphan Hojo lives to pickpocket, steal, and fight on the streets to survive to the next day. aided by some mysterious powers which i'll get to in a bit. And through years of practice he became a master thief, dagger wielder, and spy, traits he used to his own advantage. He was eventually caught by Ab Libitum in the Ailily chapter though manages to make a deal. In exchange for his skills he'll be free and be a paid member of the guild, which Hojo accepted. He used his skills to be a spy, and at times assassin, to help the guild though he kept his eye on himself, looting those he assassinated and steal from those he spied on, and isn't exactly a well liked member due to his sellsword attitude, with a great example being "Get this through your head, the only reason why I saved you from those guards is cause if you died my pay gets cut in half. If it wasn't for that reason I would've let you get caught"

Eventually though he gotten the attention of a wealthy, and influential, old woman who was an ally of Ad Libitum, and saw Hojo in action. She manage to talk to him into working for her as a body guard and her personal spy, paying him a far more lucrative deal then he had at the guild, and he took it. The outfit he's wearing in this picture is the outfit he wears in service to the noble woman. He's happy as he is getting rich doing what he does best, and can be by himself and not surrounded by those he considers 'complete idiotic guilders.'

As for Hojo's skills, he's a very agile person using quickness, guile, cunning, and trickery to win his fights while robbing his foes blind. More of a mind game person he often misleads his foe into over extending themselves for him to exploit or use acrobatics to confuse his foe while leaving behind something nasty for them, such as running to a foe only to backflip away at the last possible second and leaving a bomb at his foe's feet to explode before they even know what happen. His true ace in the hole though is his magic eye which he has hidden under his hair. After parting his hair so his magic eye can see any who see it, glancing or at it, gets hit by a serious of sensory and nerve overload, such as sudden splitting migraines, double / triple vision, intense ringing in the ears, sharp pains in the joints, feelings of vertigo, dullen senses, delay reaction time, fuzzy vision, and more. The caveat though is that his eye is always active and he cannot turn it off, so when he has no need for it he has to hide it, usually with his hair.

And that's Hojo for you, i might have more pictures of him in his various stages of life later on, but for now enjoy.

artwork and coloring done by jutawi

Hojo belongs to me

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