100Themes: I Can't Picture

Haven't done any Tim Burton work in a while.
Actually, i have a fun little story:

I take this lame-arse Mythology Class at the comm. college with my bro, and we were recently assigned an essay, where we have to choose a movie depicting a tragic hero. So i picked Edward Scissorhands! It is probably the most fun i've had writing an essay. And last semester was a romantic hero essay, and i wrote about The Count of Monte Cristo's Edmond Dantes.

(PS my bro chose Walter Sparrow from The Number 23, which we watched today. Trippy stuff there.)

ANYWAYS this fits into the 100themes challenge. I know it's not the right scene here, but we all know the whole "Hold me"..."I can't" part of the film. (which i quote in my essay, teehee)

Another shameless texture used piece. Texture:
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