Goldeneye and Bluebird Picture

Hawkeye + Booster Gold = Goldeneye
Mockingbird + Blue Beetle = Bluebird

Clint Carter was born in the 25th century to a group of carnival performers. He had honed his natural abilities to become an incredible archer. However, in his time period, the common citizens weren't interested in stuntmen and feats of physical strength anymore, and were more interested in the popular holo-vids. Seeking fame and fortune, Goldeneye decided to head back to the 20th century to wow the audiences with his abilities. However, Clint landed late in the 21st century, where archery skills weren't as highly regarded as they once were. However, Clint decided to stay in this time frame and use his archery skills along with his futuristic technology to become a superhero, taking on the name and identity of Goldeneye. While initially using his abilities for fame and fortune, Clint eventually evolved into a true- albeit flawed- hero.

Bobbi Kord was a genius inventor and agent of SHIELD. When she was passed over for field work, she quit the agency and returned to head Kord Industries. Bobbi combined her combat training along with the resources of Kord Industries to develop a wide arsenal of crime fighting tools, and took up the identity of the Bluebird. She served as a solo adventurer for a while before eventually meeting up with Goldeneye. The two became crimefighting duo and eventually lovers, being partners both on and off the field.

As one gets deeper into the mythologies, it becomes harder and harder to find concepts to blend together with Marvel and DC. Especially once you remove certain options from the board. With Green Arrow already blended with Daredevil, that made it hard to find out who to blend Hawkeye with. But, for some reason, I kept coming back to Booster Gold, as the pair had that "cocky bastard with a heart of gold" thing going on with the both of them. The concepts don't match entirely, and took some reworking, but I think they fit. Plus, once I decided to blend Mockingbird and Blue Beetle, the concepts seemed to fit together a lot better.

For Goldeneye, it was a bit tricky to blend both costumes of Booster and Hawkeye. I settled on giving him Hawkeye's bare arms to keep him from just looking like Booster Gold with a bow and arrow. Although I'm not too thrilled on the chest emblem. I'm very happy with Bluebird's costume, as I felt it's a good blending of both Blue Beetle and Mockingbird's looks, as one element doesn't overwhelm the other.
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