- TUANU - Picture

>Tuänu n. 1. Second youngest of the Earth Dragons, high Gods of Uria. She is a goddess of fertility and the saint of farmers, housewives, and wild animals. She is married to the legendary minstrel Omaron and the mother of the Hero Sisters Ingra, Enfrid and Bryda. Her human avatar is a young woman name Tanial. 2. The second smallest of the five islands of Uria. Tuänu is the southmost of the islands with the warmest climate and fertile farmland. It is also home to a strange race of donkeys who herd wild sheep in the uplands. It is named after the Earth Dragon Tuänu, who is said to have raised the island at the beginning of Time.
>See also: Menim, Huänen, Nandero, and Bandur.


Ah, Tuänu, I think my personal favorite of the Earth Dragons, mostly because she's so nice. Anyway, this is second in a series of five oil paintings I'm doing depicting the Gods of Uria. (FYI Uria is a a country in my original fantasyland, Antellonia, so if none of this seems familiar... good.)

I had fun here trying something new with the lighting; that mid-day light that comes from above and a little behind. I see it all the time but, because of its ability to flatten a picture, haven't tried it much. I think this came out very well. Oh yes, and you can see two of those magical donkeys there on the hill in the foreground. Gotta love the magic donkeys.

Oil paints on 9"x12" canvas. Tuänu and the Earth Dragon mythology © myself. (9.8.06 Edit: varnished and scanned the painting, and uploaded a better pic.)
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