Layla - character bio Picture

Before I go into anything: This is not the same Layla as Dove and Srentha's child. XD (She just shares her name because I wanted to name her Leyonya, but I'm not sure how to spell that. I don't even know if I spelled it right there. XD So I went with the closest name-word I knew: Layla.)


Layla was created for my mythology class. One of our class projects was to create a comic book myth, and write a bio-type thing for the 'hero' of the myth.

The teacher let us use whatever mythologies we wanted. ^^ When I made this character, I was obsessing over Celtic mythology, and I decided to throw in a little bit of Native American background to give it a bit more of a personal color. ;}

....Yes, I said the other part of the project was a comic book involving this character. I've had it sprayed with fixative and all ready to be posted for awhile now....... but there's a problem. I wrote the myth-comic with pages back-to-back - you know, like a real comic book. {It's only four pages though... XD} ...well, when I tried scanning the pages, the other side showed through. Problem. {8D;

So, the comic will be posted, but not until I can get my camera to work. {Battery problems...}


Behold, the RHS attempt at drawing a fox. XD
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