The Sphinx Picture

The certain thing is that very little of the Sphinx is known, who constructed it, why or when. In agreement with the Greek mythology, the sphinx is a monster with head and woman's chests, body of lion and wings birds; she was representing the wisdom. In agreement with the legend, this creature hid in the high of a rock at the entry of Tebas's Greek city. To anyone who was trying to enter or to go out she was proposing her a riddle, to which she was not solving it, was devouring it. Until there appeared the hero who answered acertadamente, to what the sphinx I fake the suicide; this hero was Edipo, whom they nominated a king.

I have wanted to do a sphinx more human that cat.but i am not very sure of the result.
In a future I have thought to do a similar work but abreast.

Nonetheless I hope that you like.
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