Tyrranux Universe Hercules Picture

WEAPON; Nemean Cestus (Arm Barce Armor), Megara's Tears (One-Hand Battle Axe)
THEME SONG; Van Canto "I Am Human"

Hercules was once the most famed hero in all of Greece, but then he slayed his own beloved wife Megara in a fit of madness, the result of the cruel goddess Hera's influence. Not even after he did the Twelve Labors for the King Eurystheus did he find solace, the guilt of his sin still too heavy for the otherwise impossibly strong Hercules. He had sinced vanished without a trace, lost in time as are the legendary stories of his exploits.

Fast foward a few centuries later, the exiled Spartan heretic Landarea [link] leads an entire band of fellow deserters to defy the Olympians themselves. Among his band is a most curious man always wearing that distinct mask. He is known among the others only as "Simba", A name he took from the legendary White Lion that tried to kill an entire village of fishermen sent by Artemis. He appears to be the Black Lion's right hand man and most trusted advisor, he has an uncanny knowledge of the inner workings of the religious order centered on Olympus, his knowedge has been most crucial to the band's efforts. What is his motive for helping this heretic? Well, of all the Olympians he has quite an unaturally potent hatred for the goddess Hera...as well as the very father of Hercules who left his bastard son to his fate...


While I do recognize "Heracles" as the correct name, I find that "Hercules" just has sort of a more heroic ring to it, maybe that's just me^-^.

Yes I am very well aware of the Nemean Cestus in God of War III (actually it's one of my favorite weapons to use^-^), here though I based the design of the weapon on the Gilgamesh from Devil May Cry 4. Also instead of enhancing his strength the Cestus actually hinders it, making him about three fourths as strong as he normally is (which by ordinary man standards is still quite superhuman), obviously this unique function is designed into the armor to help him conceal his identity further besides the mask itself. Of course if the armor is doned by anyone else who happens to be mortal) it triples their physical strength making them almost as strong as Hercules. As for the Megar's Tears weapon, that happens to be the very weapon used to kill Megara, her blood forever bonded into the very steel due to the great sorrow Hercules had felt after the deed was done. And that's about it.

Now who here knows that Hercules was voiced by Kevin Sorbo in God of War III? Everybody knows that? Awesome right^-^?
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