Tezcatlipoca Picture

Tezcatlipoca is searching for the love lights which slumber in your eyes, ladies... it is time to lock up your daughters and dig out those old chastity belts...! Not only is this deity a ferocious womanizer, having bagged himself four wives, Tezcatlipoca was the Aztec god of the nightly wind, of sorcery and temptation, the god of wealthy, and also a stark rival to everybody’s favourite culture hero of Aztec mythology, the goody two shoes Quetzalcoatl. Yet contrary to how easy it would be simply to brand Tezcatlipoca the vengeful brother villain of Aztec mythology, (come on, he’s painted black, he’s associated with bad-ass jaguars, and take a look at that ominous looking smoking obsidian mirror attached as a prosthetic limb to his missing foot...) he was by no means evil. You can’t deny Tezcatlipoca was a troll, but every boding evil character has a glimmer of sweet mushiness in there somewhere... you simply have to dig for it! So ignore the fact that he can peek into that smoking mirror of his and watch his mortal subjects carry out whatever private or public act they happen to be getting on with whenever he so wishes and look towards the benevolence he shows towards the treatment of slaves. And that foot, yes... his missing one... he sacrificed that for you, and you and you, and yes, you... that particularly mortal person reading this now. What could be more ingenious as bait to use in attracting the crocodilian earth monster Cipactli than your own foot so that you can tear her apart to create the land in which we all live on? After of course, Tezcatlipoca’s traumatic experience of losing his whole foot to the jaws of the fantastic beast. Who knew that she would fancy a little nibble?
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