Myth: Eris Picture

Eris....the Goddess of Strife. A minor Goddess of mythology, but not to me. She was bound to the form of the half-elf half-angel hybrid, Sariel, but more specificaly her mortal forum. Eris may be immortal, but I will find a way to destroy her and stop her from making my sister, Sariel's, life hell. I Loriel, Daughter of Light will defend this world from the darkness that threatens to consume it. This is the war, 2006. Who would have thought that the greek legends held truth in them?
Credits: #resurgere, `Elandria, *lucias-stock,
Heh, added a bit of a tale to this. I worked on this for some time. I guess this is going to be party of my mythological unit about gods and goddesses. I don't think I'll do heros just yet. But this shall be worked on and off depending on...whether I am inspired or not!

This peice is decidcated to one of my best friends ~vazhir but this isn't the one thing I had in mind to dedicate her. >.> I have all the pictures on it...just have not gotten around to doing it.

Well kudos to you for the view ^^ and diola lle!
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