Taliesin Picture

Oh, us crazy Welsh and our eyebrow-based folk heroes.. WUT

Adding the disclaimer that YES, this is a real myth of our country. We're just totally insane.
I dunno why people prefer stuff like greek mythology, they never had a guy literally named 'epic/shiny eyebrows'. (yeah, it sounds much cooler if you don't know what it means)
Apparantly he'll appear again when the country is in need, and it will be EXACTLY LIKE THIS, I TELL YA
(we have a lot of gods that are gonna come back when we're in need: bran the blessed, king arthur, cuchulainn, lleu... hopefully they all come at the same time.)

Oh, and I figured out a layery trick, so this pic has absolutely no lineart! It cuts the time it takes to do these things by 3/4!
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