Anansi Picture

This is another citizen-captain of New Roxann : Anansi. (Name was taken from a popular hero in the african mythology).

Nobody knows Anansi's real identity, not even if he/her is a man or a woman. Let's stick with "he" for now shall we? His ship is the Shadowbane, the only un-spirited spacecraft known of. Anansi keeps a very thick secret over the technology powering his ship (which many would like to put their hands on) and over his identity. Each member of his crew is very carefully selected. But he's quite fond of Pallas (see : [link]) and of her crew. He holds Cesar (yet to be done) in high esteem.

The kind of person with a slightly cruel sense of humor. He always keeps his cool and takes time to think things through. Eventhough he's very secretive, he always keeps to his word.

I wanted to give his costume an arabic influence, but he ended up more venician style :/
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