The Path of the Kami. Picture

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Lo - They are the Kami. Their name means many things.

Kami are the essence.

Kami are divinity.

Kami are the spirits.

Kami are the gods.

Kami are within everything.

The Kami are the spirits, gods and monsters that have lived and died and reincarnated since time immemorial, transcending history and reality as we know it. They have made their homes and civilizations within the many planes of the Aether - an impossibly vast, roiling sea of thought, emotion and soulstuff, better known as the Spirit World or the Afterlife. But the Kami are far more than simply spirits of the dead; They are spirits of the trees, the rocks, the rivers, the seas, the sky, the void and even of the realms of fiction and media, with literally no limits to the extent of their patronage - their domain ranges from the mundane, to the fantastic and to the utterly absurd.

They have served us, lived with us, shunned us, guided us and tormented us since the discovery of their existence in the waking half-dreams of early Man and even still before our time, whispering their tales into the basest fabric of life when it was still only the warm slime of creation. And they still whisper their dreams and visions into our hearts, their influence carrying even to those who have dismissed their existence as naught but the stuff of fantasy, delusion and archaic superstition. And although they are out of reach by nearly all forms of our technology, they still call out to us. And we can still hear them, but only if we are willing to listen, if not be possessed of a rare sensitivity of mind.

Regardless of how one sees them or even believes in them, the Kami have been with us for longer than our own existence as a species, playing every role in every story penned by the artists of man. Their archetypes and themes are immortal; From the Hero's Journey to the Animal Return and many others, the Kami are represented in no better possible way than by mythology. And it is through their stories and artwork eternally retold by the prophets and storytellers of man do they construct the blueprints, guides and grids for which to map and plan our lives and societies. They instill in us the mystery and ecstasy of life and the cosmos, they explain to us the shape of the universe, they reinforce the delicate order of all things and have guided us safely and successfully through life's ordeals from the womb to the tomb and beyond.

Our actions affect the gods and their actions affect us - It is a mutual exchange of all things in both the realms of the earthly and the ethereal, so with our every action, we must be conscious of our action and their effect on our world and the next, lest it return to haunt us again someday.

And as science and technological progress marches ever onwards to the drumbeat of innovation, we must keep the ancient art and sacrament of storytelling and mythology alive and forever fleshed anew, for the Kami are the compass of Mankind in every sense of the word and without their tales, archetypes and themes blossoming within our brains, we would see our planet as naught but resources to be consumed, our society as naught but a prison and our fellow man as naught but an enemy and a competitor.

Along this path we walk barefoot, be it paved of brick or glass.
Along this path we walk together, be it straight or forked.
Along this path we walk forward, be it all but a maze.

Along this path we walk with our tools in our hands and our plans in our hearts, for when we have reached its end, we will look back on it and smile, knowing that we have left a legacy to be proud of and new paths for future generations to walk for themselves, if not carve anew.

That is the path of the Kami: to live life, to live it with purpose and to die knowing that it is complete, for all that man ultimately desires is our love and the fruits of our labor, knowing that their reward is godhood.

This is our journey.
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