The Imperial Dragon Picture

Like the mighty dragon, he is both disciplined and honorable. He is fiercely loyal to his allies, yet those who oppose him quickly learn to fear his name.

He is a hero and a warrior tried and true. For within his chest beats the heart of a dragon.


So I decided to take a few hours break away from doing commissions, comics, and calender pages and just do something for myself. I wanted to do a study of Aredon's body type and practice with digital painting from scratch, which explains the dragon spirit.

The concept of Aredon with an ethereal dragon spirit has come up several times in my artwork as he identifies himself with them even though his race still believes that 'true' dragons are mythological. (**cough** They're not. The two
dragon species of Thera are the only species that can be considered 'true' dragons.)

In fact, his code name pre-service to the Emperor was 'DracoFury', and the name of his starfighter is 'The Steel Dragon'.

Yep, Aredon is a very big boy. Both with muscle mass and height (He's about 7 feet tall, BTW), which makes him a monsterous size even for his species. He's pretty much all raw power with no endurance. Never ask him to run a marathon because he'd probably drop from exhaustion fairly quickly.

Tools Used: Mechanical Pencil, Paper, Scanner, Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai
Time Taken: 3 Hours
Soundtrack: "Nautica Main Theme" - FoxAmoore

Image © 2012 Traci Vermeesch-Vezina
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