Deianira Picture

Man, this was quite a work I can't help myself to feel proud of. ^^
I was flipping through the pages of a book full of greek mythology, until I encountered a spectacular painting of the abduction of Deianira, the 2nd wife of Heracles, by the wild centaur Nessus.
So, I decided to create a different version of the story. Heracles, as usual, is a violent and an over-bearing hero, and Deianira is just his young bride spoiled by the rich life as a Grecian princess, where she gets what she wants, when she wants. Now NESSUS, on the other hand, is a centaur enlightened by the great Orpheus, and has ever since tried to become like his famous role model. When he meets Deianira, who shares the same love of music and independent freedom, he soon feels that a girl like her doesn't deserve a guy like Heracles, and thus steals her away in hopes of helping her escape a disastrous marriage.

Well, I hope I had captured this Deianira's personality in this piccie. I really wanted to make her the complete opposite of the innocent and naive woman in mythology, but more like as a little spit-fire with a mind of her own.
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