Lyla as Anubis Warrior Picture

Right. Getting away from the Science fiction section for a while now with an Anthro drawing... in... Science fiction outfit. I am forever doomed to draw Science fiction stuff This is Lyla Lay from an Italian comic called Paperinik. Donald Duck as a super hero in other words. Its a lot more mature than the Donald you know from the comics and such, as It has som scenes where characters obviusly die. Aaanyway. My skills with human faces, spesifically female human faces, I decided to give the Anubis Warrior the face of Lyla (to give it an Anthro look... so you all see that I am indeed a Anthro fan).
The Anubis warrior on the other hand is (not implying I am the first to ever think of this consept) an army of hi teched people from the lost city of Atlantis. The Atlantic people call themselves the Cult of Anubis, even if their relation to Egyptian mythology is small,or, even not there. The Cult of Anubis was a strain of people who evolved faster than man, gaining technology faster. While we normal humans had just invented farming, they were busy with advanced steam engines and hydraulic system, as well as electricity and advanced weapondry (steam powered spearguns and such).
The Anubis warrior portrayed here is however one of the more honorable ones. Using melee weapondry. But what is common for all Cult of Anubis warrior types are its legs. They are specally made to give the warrior superior speed, jumping power and height over its enemy.

Time: 1,5 Hours
Size: About 1\4 of A4 format (why the detail level is low)
Tools: Mechanical pencil filled with 2HB lead
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