Disney Princess Superheroes - Titania Picture

Here is the second piece in my series of princesses-turned-superheroes. I've always loved comics and the mythology of superheroes, and the Disney princesses have a special place in my heart. It's been done before, but I decided to try my hand at combining the two!

Codename: Titania

Powers: Super strength and invulnerability. Her powers are psychic rather than physical in nature- her super strength is a result of tactile telekinesis and her invulnerability is due to a psychokinetic shield that she unconsciously projects around herself. With physical contact she can lift and manipulate incredibly large and heavy objects. In close combat she can deal devastating blows by backing her punches and kicks with psychokinetic energy.

Weaknesses: Titania is vulnerable to telepathy and any form of magic.

Origin: Born and raised in New Orleans, Tiana was brought up to believe in family, hard work and determination. When her powers manifested at puberty her father revealed that, before he settled down to have a family, he was once New Orlean's most famous costumed hero. Inspired by her father's legacy, Tiana began honing her abilities and looking foreword to the day when she would become a hero and make her father proud. Sadly, her father passed away before he could see his daughter realize her full potential. Tiana didn't give up on her dream though, and when she knew she was ready she stepped into the limelight as Titania. Between her hard work, powerful abilities and strong moral compass Titania quickly became one of the most popular and beloved superheroes of her time.

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