The Crusader 1934 Picture

Real Name: Jim Moore
Occupation: Foreign correspondent for the World News Service
Citizenship United States of America
Legal Status: No criminal record
Base of Operations: Metro City, USA
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Brown

27-year-old Jim Moore was a courageous foreign correspondent for the World News Service, covering a wide variety of world events across the globe ... far from his home town of Metro City in the United States. His journalistic work focused especially on keeping a close eye on the rising Third Reich in Nazi-controlled Germany. Uncovering Adolph Hitler's almost obsessive searches for ancient occult objects, Jim accompanied a British archaeological team to Egypt in 1934 to search for a particular lost temple devoted to Ra (the primordial sun god of Egyptian mythology). The expedition was attacked by Nazi forces who also sought the temple's location and murdered most of the British team. However, Jim was saved when the desert ground he was standing on was broken open by Nazi explosives. Tumbling into a hidden ancient cavern, Jim came to rest before an ornate statue of Ra seated on a fabulous throne with his right hand held out. Jim noticed a symbol carved into the palm of Ra's outstretched hand: a star contained within a circle. As Jim touched the symbol on the statue's hand, it flared to life with a brilliant flash of energy. When the light dissipated, he found the star-symbol had been transferred to his own hand in a tattoo-like form, giving him super-strength, the power of flight and the extraordinary ability to project any type of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum for various effects. Realizing he now possessed the means to contribute more to opposing the Nazis than just reporting the facts, Jim took a cue from the various "mystery men" appearing in comic strips and books of the time, and created the costumed identity of The Crusader. Using his job as a radio journalist to learn of situations involving Nazi activity, The Crusader became the implacable foe of the Third Reich and eventually became a rallying symbol for Allied forces (as well as emerging superheroes like himself) throughout World War II. Later, he continued his heroic ways throughout the 1940s both in Metro City and abroad, gaining worldwide fame as one of the greatest heroes of the Golden Age.
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