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This based off Mega Man Starforce 3 where technology has advanced but magic still exist. Every being that has the ability to transform into a beast persona or creature form is registered into the Government System. The Government are the only people that know the secret behind magical creature as well as the Magical Dimension therefore this information is Secret to the rest of the society. A transcode(Transformation Code)is used to keep track of protectors of the magical world each being represented by 3 digits.

Registered Protectors:
010 Lao Shi
013 Councilor Andam
014 Councilor Kulde
020 Jacob "Jake" Long
021 Haley Long
025 Gregory Long
040 Alexander Johnson
052 Fred Nerk
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Comparison between Mega Man Starforce and American Dragon:Jake Long
1.Both involve transformations.
2.Both involve Science Fiction and Fantasy including roots from Mythology.
3.Both have love interests.
4.Both include involves a main antagonist that appears or is referenced throughout the whole series.
5.Both involve Parallel Worlds.
6.Both involve Heroes and protectors.
7.Both involve the main characters having a double life in secrecy until later in the series.
8.Both involve main characters known to have friends and family in their hometown and across the globe.
1.In Mega Man Starforce,the transformation requires matching Electromagnetic Waves between EM-being and human,unlike in American Dragon where the transformation is from a genetic perspective.
2.American Dragon deal with Mythology in general,unlike Mega Man Starforce where Mythology is behind Space and Constellations with the exception of Kidd Gruff (MMS2).
3.Mega Man Starforce involves the Real World and EM World co-existing while American Dragon involve the Real World and Magical World.
4.In American Dragon the main character has a love interest while in Mega Man Starforce the main character is someone else's love interest.
5. Mega Man Starforce take place in the future, While American Dragon is in a more modern timeline.

American Dragon:Jake Long(c)Disney
Mega Man Starforce(c)Capcom
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