Edora Picture

Edora is a multiversal character.

In Greek mythology, her mother was Eudora of the Hyades, a rain nymph. After caring for baby Dionysus, he rewarded the Hyades with eternal youth and beauty. Not long after, their brother Hyas was killed in a hunting accident. Out of his entire family, none grieved so strongly as five of his many sisters, known thereafter as the Hyades. So touched by their tears, Zeus invited them to Olympus and gave them a place amongst the stars.

This, you can read about online or in a Greek mythology tome. What you haven't read is that Zeus found the beauty of Eudora so striking after Dionysus changed her, even through her later tears, that he made love to her, and she bore him a child. In fact, it was to hide her from the wrath of Hera that he hid her and her sisters amongst the stars, and less a reward.

To hide his daughter, he changed her into a striped foal and gifted her to his brother Poseidon, with whom he had been fighting with. The gift appeased Poseidon, and the storms calmed.

She was very fast as a steed, and was one of Poseidon's favorites. However, having been born a storm nymph, she went wild during storms. Poseidon is also the god of storms, so this happens a lot. After deciding that she was no longer worth the effort, he gifted her to a human hero, and granted the hero the ability to change her form as he wished.

She currently also has a Pokemon (Zebrastrika, of course) version, a MLPversion, a Disgaea version, a Xanth Series by Piers Anthony version, and a SpiritsoftheEarth.net version, which pretty much looks like this. Her feet ends in white hooves.

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