Lonan- Godtier Picture

This is my Fan Troll Lonan's Godtier as the Hero of Death!

The outfit itself is based on Link of Legend of Zelda fame, because every time I say Lonan's title I think Hero of Time.

Now I didnt color it in, because I suck at coloring, however if I were to do so, it would be White with Red accents. The white because I think Black is too predictable for Death and I like the Eastern interpretation of white being the representation. Red because well while also having violent undertones, red rom confusion seems a major theme in lonans life.

The Ankh is the Key to Life in Egyptian Mythology, thus inversely it is also the Key to Death, thus the choice. His wings are that of a cicada, cause they do their kinda death and reborn deal...yeah

Comments appreciated!
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