The Dark Knight Trilogy Epilogue: The Riddler Picture

I apologize for this being so wordy. But if any of my epilogues was going to be, it would be the Riddler's.

Most of the aspects of the Riddler is 1:1 with how I portrayed him in my Batman 291 homage.… He looks like a hipster because he's BEEN the ultimate hipster before hipster was even a thing. seriously, Williamsburg should revere him like a deity. And I'd like to think I proclaimed him the ultimate hacker prior to how the comics and games portray him as such. But I mean really, he always has been the ultimate hacker even before computers were big, right? So we all probably just came to it naturally.

Bear with me because I wanted to go really meta with the Riddler. I took the ridiculous rumor that WB wanted Leonardo Dicaprio as the Riddler and ran with it. And in doing so, I asked myself what if 'Inception' was really Edward Nygma trying to solve the ultimate riddle in his own subconscious? What if there was some underlying reason the cast was similar between TDKR and Inception? What if this whole time all of us Nolan fans had our Riddler this whole time and we just didn't know it?

People tend to draw him like some athletic model and I kind of disagree that his appearance needs to have that. I like the idea that he tries to keep it lowkey but still manages to wear outlandish shit anyway. While I love his Arkham City appearance, I wanted go a different route and keep him a Beta male that locks himself up in his basement or his office in Rykin and does all his crimes there (as opposed to Batman, Joker, and Bane - the ultra Alpha males)

Speaking of, I wanted to steer away from him being a second rate Joker. Prior to any official news on TDKR, people on the internets had painted a picture of Edward being some Zodiac killer that left clues. That is absolutely the wrong way to go.

Greek mythology buffs might recognize the riddle of the Sphinx at the top right (I kind of spell it out for you anyway) and how the TDKR trilogy brilliantly satisfies it.

I didn't have room to explore Edward's theory on the Batman being an 'off-the-books' black ops division of the GCPD. Basically he theorized Bats was actually several police officers with extensive training doing major crime related patrols at night.

Riddler getting close to Batman's identity isn't new - he actually succeeded in Hush. Ugh and in Batman Forever. (which I regret I may have been subconsciously influenced as I'm having Eddie claim 'I am the Batman!') But I like that Riddler is egotistical enough to conclude he's the smartest of all and therefore there could not possibly be a Batman.

Also regrettably, for design purposes, I broke one of my rules and gave him white panelling (previously all villains borders where black, heroes were white) - but I can make the excuse Edward THINKS he's the hero deep down anyway.

My absolute favorite aspect of this is making Eddie a Rykin co-founder. And the Clean Slate author. And thus he unwittingly was partly responsible for Bruce and Selina's 'European' vacation.

Oh and UPDATE: Didn't know if I had to indicate that's Harley on the right panel - but I'd like to point out her disgust. She isn't attracted to Riddler's lukewarm analytical madness - she definitely prefers Joker's batshit psychosis.

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