Monster Children Picture

Ok, so this is my first picture in awhile (and boy does it show), just found a scanner here at campus (Im using the ones in the library used to scan books).
I've always been interested in mythology, particularly Greek mythology. I really started researching it back in middle school and continue to do so. Of course my favorite aspects are the monsters, they were really inspirational for making new monsters. I was really interested when I discovered most of the monsters were in fact related. Most (if not all) were spawned from the beasts Typhon and Echidna. So I picked the ones I was most confident in were the children of these two. I drew them in the forms that I thought were most appropriate for them through research and science!: The Caucasian Eagle (or vulture in this case), Chimera (no wings damnit), Orthrus (2-headed dog), Ladon (drew him with that of 100 heads), Sphinx (snake for tail), the Lernaean Hydra (with legs), Nemean lion, and Cerberus.
Couldnt think of a way to have them all appear in one picture, so I threw in a lonly greek civilan with a sword inbetween them all and the glowing eyes of Typhon over head. Hey, maybe he'll survive.
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