New Amalgam Comics: The Rogue's Gang Picture

A team of super-criminals, assembled and led by The Rogue, to take down their mutual enemy, the superhero called Silverflash (Quicksilver + The Flash).

Top Row, Left to Right:
Headbanger, Cpt. Ice, The Rogue, Dr. Boomerang, and Prism Master.

The Rogue:
Amalgamation Of: The Hood + The Trickster
Real Name: James Robbins
Biography: James Robbin's father, a circus performer, was also a thief in service of the crime syndicate called the Intermaggia (Maggia + Intergang). After his father died on a job, James became a performer and took his place in the circus; the circus started losing their audience and profits, so James took to crime to support his second family. While committing a burglary in a museum, James steals some mystic, demonic clothes, including a blue cloak striped with the blood of a demon. These artifacts gave James great power, but also corrupted his otherwise-good nature, and he became a malicious trickster in service of only himself. Reeking havoc all across the city of Centralfield, Missouri (Springfield + Central City), The Rogue does battle with it's defender, the speedster known as Silverflash, and being bested most times. Sick of losing to Silverflash, The Rogue united with other supervillains who hate the speedster hero and they decided to join forces to take him down; Rogue bested the Storm Wizard (Storm + Weather Wizard) in combat to establish his leadership of their gang (Storm Wizard would later reform and join the heroic X-Patrol [X-Men + Doom Patrol]). The Rogue was later stripped of his magic weapons, captured, and sent to prison, but he made a deal with the FBI to rejoin his gang and sabotage them from within. After getting what he wanted from the deal, he busted his gang out and framed another villain named White Rapier (Rapier + White Lightning), claiming it was her disguised as him the whole time he betrayed them to the FBI.
The Rogue and his Gang were later proved central to the plans of the demon sorcerer Neromammu's (Dormammu + Neron) to conquer mortalkind; the blood on the Rogue's hooded cloak belonged to him, which allowed Neromammu to control whomever wears it.
Powers: Magic cloak provides invisibility and levitation powers; magic mask allows him to see past illusions and disguises; gloves allow him to project lightning and reach into a pocket dimension to summon whatever tool or weapon he wants; skilled acrobat and thief.

Captain Ice:
Amalgamation Of: Icemaster + Captain Cold
Real Name: Leonard Kroon
Biography: It is unknown where Leonard Kroon, the second in command of the Rogue's Gang, came from or how he obtained his ice powers. Rumors suggest that he stole his ice-blasting technology from another supercriminal after killing him in retaliation for his sister's murder, but nothing has been corroborated so far. Kroon's use of the cryogenesis technology mutated his flesh into organic crystal that resembles ice; the mutation grants him limited ice-blasting powers on his own, but are greatly enhanced with his ice weapon. In his first criminal escapade, Cpt. Ice snuck into a frozen desserts factory and infected the ingredients with a paralytic neurotoxin that would remain undetectable until frozen. He would have then sold the antidote for a king's ransom, but Silverflash discovered the poison and confiscated all the infected pastries at high speed before any people could have been poisoned. Captain Ice's powers interfered with Silverflash's speed, but that wasn't enough to escape him. After escaping from prison, Leonard faced Silverflash again and again before joining up with The Rogue to destroy their enemy once and for all...
Powers: Intelligence in the fields of cryonics and chemical engineering; ice-generation powers, which are greatly enhanced when used with ice-blasting gun.

Doctor Boomerang:
Amalgamation Of: Boomerang + Captain Boomerang
Real Name: Frederick Harkness
Biography: Fred Harkness was born in Australia, but moved to America at a young age. He lived in a life of poverty until he discovered his skill in making boomerangs and using them as weapons. He would later be hired as a performer and boomerang promoter by a toy company; he was ridiculed by the audience, and his resentment caused Harkness to begin using his boomerangs for crime. Using weaponized boomerangs, Dr. Boomerang’s first crime was attempting to steal an experimental missile from a US military base to sell, but he was defeated by the speedster superhero Silverflash. Fred was sent to jail, but managed to escape with a tiny boomerang disguised as one of his teeth. Since then, Dr. Boomerang has been a recurring enemy of Silverflash. The last time he was sent to jail, Fred joined the Thunder Squad (Thunderbolts + Suicide Squad), a government-controlled team of incarcerated super-criminals, in exchange for a presidential pardon of his crimes.
Powers: Above-average aim and combat experience. The ability to create various “trick boomerangs”, each with a different effect.

Amalgamation Of: Corrupter + Pied Piper
Real Name: Jackson Rathaway
Biography: Jack Rathaway, a deaf man, was an accountant at a pharmaceutical company until a fire on the factory floor exposed him to volatile chemicals that mutated him. He was cured of his deafness, but that and the ensuing panic of the factory fire disoriented him and caused him to scream more; the tones of his screams revealed his ability to alter people's minds through the noises he generates, which caused the hero Silverflash, who managed to rescue him and everyone else from the fire, to become enraged before his nephew, Speed Kid (Speed + Kid Flash) calmed him down. Jack discovered his new mutation and became a supervillain. Tutelage under an elder super-criminal known as the Fear Fiddler (Mister Fear + The Fiddler), nemesis of Doctor Dare (Daredevil + Doctor Mid-Nite), allowed Jack to learn how to use instruments to produce different sounds that have different psychological effects on those who hear them. Using a flute as his main weapon, Jack (now called Headbanger) produced sounds that filled the listener with ecstasy and bliss, leaving them craving for another fix (like a junkie) so they would do whatever he asked to get their fill. He held dozens of people hostage in exchange for millions of dollars per person, but Silverflash and Speed Kid found his hideaway and fought him. The brainwashed hostages tried to defend Headbanger, but he was defeated. He escaped the police, by holding a device that emitted sounds that only dogs could hear, which caused them to attack the cops. Headbanger then joined The Rogue's Gang. He later learned that his mutation didn't give him his sonics-based powers, but gave him access to a portion of the power of the Anti-Life Gems (Infinity Gems + Anti-Life Equation), which materialized through Jack as his so-called powers; this confirms the idea that humanity has the keys to unlocking the power of the Anti-Life Gems somewhere in their minds, leading the alien tyrant Deathseid (Thanos + Darkseid) to wishing to conquer Earth.
Powers: Superhuman senses; all perceptible noises generated by him or objects in direct contact with him influence varying mental states depending on the tone of the noise.

Prism Master:
Amalgamation Of: Prism + Mirror Master
Real Name: Robert Scudder
Biography: Robbie Scudder is a metamutant (mutant + metahuman), a race of humans born with super-human abilities. He discovered his powers while working part-time in a glassworks factory, that he can manipulate light in various ways using external reflective or refractive surfaces. He mastered his powers and constructive a reflective-latex costume for him to rob his skinflint boss at the factory and live the good life. The Prism Master was the first super-criminal fought by the hero Silverflash, who was almost bested by him because he hadn't fought another super-powered person before. After landing in prison, Robbie studied his light-based powers further in the prison library, soon learning to use the reflections in his eyes to subdue a guard and escape. Battling the Silverflash again and again, Prism Master joined The Rogue's Gang to destroy their common nemesis for good. When Aron the Anti-Observer (Aron the Rogue Watcher + The Anti-Monitor) became a big enough threat for the heroes and villain of Earth to team up to defeat him, Prism Master and others traveled back in time to prevent Krona Saal (Garthan Saal + Krona) from accidentally the Observers and the Anti-Observer in the first place. Saal ambushed the team, led by the evil Green Skull (Red Skull + Lex Luthor) and killed three of their number, slaying Prism Master ironically by turning his flesh to crystal and shattering him. Dr. Boomerang collected as many shards as he could, hoping to one day revive his teammate...
Powers: Manipulates light through reflective and refractive surfaces in contact with his body. Effects have included energy absorption/projection, illusion creation, disorientation, blinding lights, energy shielding, long-distance spying (though there is no audio, but he can read lips) and the ability to enter a reflective surface to travel between two points simultaneously (using another surface within a several-mile radius as an exit).

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

Amalgamation Of: Scorcher + Heat Wave
Real Name: Steve Rory
Biography: When Steve Rory was a kid, a bunch of bullies locked him in a deli-shop freezer and he nearly died of hypothermia; the intense cold and isolation brought about a bad case of cryophobia, which then led to fascination with fire. As an adult, Steve became an expert on arson cases and joined the Centerfield Police, working alongside forensics scientist Peter Allen. A corrupt medical examiner on the force framed Steve for embezzlement, so he took his revenge by trapping him in the city morgue and burning him alive (which also screwed up a bunch of other murder cases for the police). Now a super-criminal, using his advanced knowledge of combustion to create weapons, Mantel sought to destroy the city. He created a non-poisonous and non-detectable chemical cocktail that he hid in the chemtrail distributor of an airplane he knew was going to pass over the city when it took off; the chemical, sprayed over much of the city, would be ignited by heat given off by anything moving as fast as Silverflash's average run speed. Peter found out about the chemicals, but then discovered that Mantel made them unable to ignite if he was running FASTER than average (he probably wanted to shift all the blame and guilt on Silverflash). Running at near-light speed, Silverflash nearly killed himself as he defended the city from typical crime while hunting Mantel; Steve was defeated and forced to create a counter-agent to the chemicals he made. Mantel swore revenge against Silverflash and joined the Rogue's Gang, though he had initial reservations about working with Captain Ice. During the Identity Invasion (Secret Invasion + Identity Crisis), Mantel and other fire-based super-humans were on the first line of defense, since fire is the deadliest weakness of the invading aliens known as the Skrultians (Skrulls + Martians).
Powers: High intellect; costume is flame retardant and equipped with flame-projection weapons and a jet pack for flight.

Amalgamation Of: Cyclone + The Top
Real Name: Roscoe Gerard
Alias: “Tom Stevens”
Biography: Roscoe Gerard's childhood fascination with tops bled into his adult life and his career as a weapons engineer for NATO. He studied the forces related to the movement of spinning objects to create an anti-missile defense that uses the expelled forces to detonate warheads through concussive impact miles before they reach their target. Before he could begin working on the prototype, Roscoe was let go, but his designs were stolen and his NATO superior took credit for the design. Feeling cheated, he created a exoskeletal version of the weapon and used it to attack the NATO base he worked at. He held the building hostage, threatening to crush everyone inside with a tornado if he wasn't paid the money his original weapon would have been worth. By running super-fast, Silverflash created a vortex in reverse to Roscoe's, neutralizing it. The hostages were saved but Roscoe escaped the police. He repaired and advanced his tech and ebcame the super-villain Klimb; he replaced Storm Wizard in The Rogue's Gang. A vigilante called The Problem (Scourge + Question) killed Klimb in a hail of gunfire, but his soul escaped the reaper and took over the body and life of a comatose man named Tom Stevens. Klimb is back.
Powers: Cyclone generation from devices hidden in costume; flight on cyclones; induction of severe vertigo and dizzyness in victims; throwable, top-like weapons that spin fast enough to create mini-tornadoes and are controlled by a neural-link in his mask.

Amalgamation Of: Blackout II + The Shade
Real Name: Richard Lilin
Biography: In England of the 1830s lived an orphan boy named Richard Lilin. Forced to work in a factory for little pay and lots of abuse, he realized his power to control darkness when he became the unwitting lynch pin in an industrial accident that killed more than 100 workers. Young Richard escaped the accident and was picked up by the carriage of a noble woman, who seemingly didn't exist until now. Lilya (Lilith + Tanya) seemed to be in her twentys, but she claimed that she is Richard's grandmother, and a powerful, immortal vampire (the daughter of the ultimate vampire Dracula, no less); Richard's power over shadows had mutated from Lilya's genes as it passed from her human mate to their son to their grandson.
Richard studied dark arcana under her, but felt betrayed when he learned that the truth was, she was building an army of monstrous progeny to control mortalkind. Richard Lilin traveled the world since then, witnessing history first hand and using his shadows to steal and fund a lavish lifestyle. In the 1940s, while pretending to be his own son to cast away any suspicion of his immortality, Richard the Blackshade battled the speedster hero known as The Whiz (Whizzer + Jay Garrick as Flash) and was defeated; battling repeatedly, Blackshade disappeared after being nearly killed by the Whiz. He reappeared some time after the Whiz retired and an new speedster named Silverflash appeared; assuming Silverflash was The Whiz's son, Blackshade reappeared to take revenge against the speedsters.
At the mercy of Blackshade and about to be publicly executed on top of the tallest building in New Metropolis (New York City + Metropolis), Silverflash would have been done for if not for the intervention of Jim Knight (Jim Hanrahan + Jack Knight), whose father Ken Knight (Ken Connell+ Ted Knight) helped The Whiz fight Blackshade. Using the power of the Star Cross (Star Brand + Starman), Ken freed Silverflash and they killed Blackshade in battle (though not intentionally). Blackshade actually turned up alive and joined The Rogue's Gang to destroy Silverflash.
Richard Lilin later became an unwilling soldier of his grandmother's army, but he escaped when she and her allies were defeated by the magic heroes called the Sons of Shadow (Midnight Sons + Shadowpact/Sentinels of Magic), led by Dr. Strangefate (Dr. Strange + Dr. Fate).
Powers: Above-human strength/stamina/durability/senses; can summon solidified shadows to bend to his will; shadow powers enhanced when focused through cane inscribed with vampiric runes; immortality through accelerated healing (healing from the burns he got from his final fight with The Whiz caused him to develop gray skin); weak against light.

Amalgamation Of: Basilisk + Abra Kadabra
Real Name: Citizen Abra Elks
Biography: In the far-flung future, the era where Earth is ruled by the time-warping despot called Krangos the Time Conqueror (Kang the Conqueror + Chronos the Time Thief), studies of magic, mythology, and other non-scientific subjects had been banned. Citizen Abra Elks had been defying the law and studying magic, so when he was caught he was sentenced to death. But, he had already used a magic enchantment to place a copy of his soul inside a gem and sent it back in time. In the 21st Century, the gem had been found after a century of burial and placed in a museum; a crook tried to steal it one night, but Elk's soul corrupted him and took over. Now, as a powerful master of magic in our time, Abra became Abrasilisk, a popular stage performer. Everyone applauded for him, because those who didn't were forced to with his magic. Abrasilisk's ego caused him to resent other forms of entertainment that drew away attention from him, so he started kidnapping wealthy people and hypnotizing them into paying for his performances. When the police raided his home, Abra instinctively used his magic to paralyze them and escape; forensics specialist Peter Allen was with the police squad when they were paralyzed, but since his superhuman brain works faster than normal, he was still aware of where the rogue magician was escaping to. As the Silverflash, Peter quickly found him, but Abrasilisk's magic proved him to be one of the speedster's trickiest villains. Only with the help of an equally powerful magic user, Silverflash's twin sister Scarlet Magician (Scarlet Witch + Zatanna Zatara), could Abrasilisk be defeated. Abrasilisk's gem was separated from him, leaving him weak enough to be apprehended by police and kept in jail; a prison guard murdered Abra behind bars, revealing himself to be The Problem in a disguise. Mad scientist Ultra-Zola (Arnim Zola + Ultra-Humanite) failed to clone Abrasilisk, just as he had doen with other dead villains, to serve the HUNDRA (HYDRA + The 100), due to his failure to understand the mystic gem he had. However, The Rogue brought Abrasilisk back to life, his soul and magic bound to a clone of his second body without the need for the gem; Abrasilisk joined The Rogue's Gang.
Powers: Magic powers focused mainly through eyes when used (eyes glow red when magic is activated); demonstrated magic spells include temporary enhancement of physical prowess, energy control, paralysis, flight, teleportation, hypnosis, and other forms of reality reshaping.

Amalgamation Of: Lightmaster + Rainbow Raider
Real Name: Roy Lansky
Biography: Roy Lansky was an artist genius as a child, but he was also color blind and needed help covering that secret up. As an adult Roy was an art teacher at a university in Centralfield, and he started paying his assistant twice as much to help him and keep his secret. At the same time, he started researching his impairment to develop a set of glasses that could allow him to see the colors he couldn't normally; the assistant found this out and got angry that he was soon going to be out of work, so he told the dean the truth and got him fired. Roy, bitter and vengeful, used his remaining funds to further research his tech and create light-based weapons. His first act as a villain was to drown his former assistant in blue light, the psychological influence making him so depressed he committed suicide. He then turned his attention towards the art museums in the city, so he could steal the classics inside, sell them on the black market, and replace them with his own works. Spectrum's delusional plan was challenged by the hero Silverflash, who tricked him into shoving a solid-light sword into an electrical box, which shorted out the costume's tech and injured him.
Later, Roy discovered that his body was mutating into living light, curing him of his color-blindness but making him need to absorb light at all times to stay solid. Teaming with the Rogue's Gang, he and the Rogue observed from the sidelines as the Gang assaulted Silverflash. Our hero bested the underlings, but was weak enough for Spectrum to capture him. Silverflash was forced to run non-stop on a treadmill to power lights that kept Roy alive until he could figure out how to undo his mutation. Silverflash's nephew Speed Kid and his own 25th Century descendant Pulsetron freed the hero and they battled the Gang. Blackshade was accidentally frozen by Captain Ice mid-fight, causing him to be unable to shut off his darkness generation powers; the shadows enveloped the abandoned warehouse and Spectrum was unable to absorb any more light and he died.
Powers: Light absorption, projection, and manipulation; reshaping solidifed light into whatever tool or weapon he can imagine; energy blasts; blinding flashes; flight; use of the seven colors of the light spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) and their emotional influences on the observer (blue = depression, red = anger, yellow = joy, ect.).
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