Beauty and the Beast Picture

As you can easily see, this work has nothing
to do with the movie by Walt Disney.

Something in the night
Something in the day
Nothing is wrong but darling
Something's in the way
There's slaughter in the air
Protest on the wind
Someone else inside me
Someone could get skinned, how?
Someone fetch a priest
You can't say no to the Beauty and the Beast

("Beauty and the Beast" by David Bowie - 1977 album "Heroes")

I wanted to describe (my way) an aspect of the present world, where many people,
to cope with the rhythms imposed by modern life, makes use of cocaine.
Here, the cocaine is represented by the white and beautiful face of Medusa.
Medusa is a character from Greek mythology and in ancient representations
she was hideous (the beast). In newer versions, however, (Pindar, Ovid) Medusa
was considered as a beautiful woman who was able to charm the men, who, watching her,
had turned into stone.
Here the Beast (cocaine or other similar drugs) seems to be Beauty that first seduces,
but then induces long-term psychotropic effects (depression, anxiety, insomnia,
irritability, paranoia and other psychoses) expressed by the characters on the top in the image.
So the beautiful Medusa/Beauty is, in fact, the Beast.
The beast, on bottom in the image, represents the discomfort (mental, social, existential)
which underlies the need for some people to use drugs to cope with life.
It seems to me that the words of the Bowie's song can refer to this subject,
but I'm not too sure.

Any other interpretation of the observers is legitimate and welcome.

Rondanini Medusa: in the public domain [link]
All other materials used in this are mine.

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