Wolalina - The Jaguar Warrior Picture

This is a pin-up done by AllPat for the upcoming wolalina series gallery book, we could post only now that the book is going to be released.
Allpat draws and I made the colors.

Original version: [link]

Wolalina is created by Daniel Karhunen:

follow de description:
Orang Utan Comics is the publisher for the Wolalina comics that are about a lady, who is a former secret agent for the M.Y.T.H. (Mythological & Young Terran Heroes) agency, where people from ancient mythologies actually exist and they work together with humans to stop evil organizations from across the universe. Now she works as a time-traveling private detective to find people who have mysteriously disappeared in the past.

There are going to be 5 bi-monthly comics in color with 40 sequential/comic pages in each comic and Wolalina: The 52 Weeks Gallery is a 52 pages long pin-up gallery book to show where is Wolalina during each week in her busiest year that has 2 Eisner award winners, a Russ Manning award winner and tons of artists.

Here is the Wolalina site with a youtube trailer and a link to the digital version of the first Wolalina comic:


Wolalina #1 that has a cover drawn by Adriana Melo (Amazing Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel) and colored by Dominic Marco (Grimm Fairy Tales, Hack/Slash) is now available as a print comic over at:


Your local comic shop owners can also order the first Wolalina comic from here:

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