Princess Zandra - Concept Art Picture

Some concept art from the "Heroes and Villains" MMO project, featuring Princess Zandra of Atlantis, one of the leading heroes of Titan City and member of The Legion, the world’s oldest and largest super-team. She’s designed to reflect the influence that classical mythology had on the Golden Age of comics and pulp magazines in the pre-Tolkien days when Germanic and Celtic mythology where much lower on the public recognition scale, and Atlantis was almost a default go-to concept for the blending of science fiction and the modern world with magic and the past. In keeping with that tradition, Princess Zandra and the other Atlanteans in the world of “Heroes and Villains” uses a kind of techno-magic, represented here in the form of her power-sword, while her clothing combines a sleek modern look with elements of a more ancient clothing style. The amount of gold used helps to reinforce her highborn status, while the blue and green recall the ocean that dominates the lives of the Atlanteans. Her belt buckle features the symbol of a golden seahorse on a blue background, the symbol of the House of Atlantides, which has governed Atlantis for millennia.

This is her current mini-biography:

At the end of 1941, when increased Nazi U-boat activity in the Atlantic and America’s entry into World War II finally convinced the hidden undersea realm of Atlantis to end its long millennia of isolation from the rest of the world, Queen Calypso and King Evenor sent their two children, Princess Zandra and her younger brother Prince Hyantes as ambassadors to the surface world to offer the United States and her allies the aid of the Atlanteans in the struggle for freedom.

With their in-born Atlantean abilities that gave them speed, strength and agility far above that of normal humans, Zandra and Hyantes had an instant impact in Titan City, where they fought a number of the most dangerous villains of the time to prove the power and skill of their people to the citizens of America, who were still amazed at the revelation that Atlantis wasn’t a myth.

Centurion quickly invited them to join the recently-formed Legion, and during the following decades Princess Zandra’s warrior training and tactical ability saw her become one of the key members of the world’s largest and oldest supergroup, where her gift for strategy sometimes sees her taking the lead when the Legion is assembled in large numbers for battle.

Although a superb unarmed fighter, her favored weapon is an Atlantean power-sword, a blend of magic and technology that is a hallmark of her culture, and which can be set to deliver a level of force that ranges from a stunning blow to a deadly strike that can shatter stone and steel.

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