Oodles of Doodles2 Picture

This is gonna take awhile to describe....
Here's some doodles of characters/gods/creatures based on Celtic mythology for the milkshakes series.

Danu is the mother goddess of the Tuatha"gods and fairy folk"

The morrigan is the goddess of battle and bringer of doom, she's pretty similar to the goddess Freya queen of the valkyries from Norse mythology. the raven is her main symbol but she can also change into a wolf, cow and eel. I wanted her design to incorporate all those animals. I think she looks to Greek and I'm still working on her design.

Demona the Celtic goddess of cattle fertility "one of them anyway". I cant remember if she is Scottish or Welsh in origin and I cant find the original information on her and only find stuff relating to demons. in the myth Its said that the milk from her cows is so rich and fertile that it can cure any disease and enchantment, ancient hero's would venture to her fields for one vile of her milk, there's also something to do with snake venom? I like how her design turned out even the accidental chubbiness but I'm worried she might look to much like chalo's characters which I tried to avoid. shes a highland cow.

Ceronus also known as the horned god is the protector of the forest and god of virility. I designed him after the extinct great Irish elk. I rather like how he turned out.

Luachra or joint eater is a newt or salamander creature that steals food from people that venture by bodies of water.

Olphiest "means great beast" I didn't have any information about it before I sketched it and apparently olphiest is a serpent/dragon of some kind but I love how it turned out.

Toucan, based on the Guinness mascot.

RedCap, a bloodthirsty goblin that must dye its hat in blood, if the red of its hat ever fades it will dye.

Clurichaun, A cousin of the leprechaun. I didn't want to do a leprechaun cause there over used. the first design was kinda boring and not how I imagined the character at all, I redrew him and really like it but he looks an awful lot like Phil from Hercules
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