Enki Applicationana Picture

Artwork and character are (c) monochromera, please respect that by not posting this image on other websites, nor tracing, copying, redistributing, reposting, etc! thanks a ton c:

★ Name::
Enki Maelstrom
★ Gender:: Male
★ Appears:: 17
★ Actual Age:: 23
★ Height:: 7'
★ Relationship Status:: Unshippable
★ Preference:: N/A
★ Personality:: friendly but easily annoyed, quick to jump to conclusions, more delicate than he lets on (he's easily hurt but will give off the impression he's not bothered, only to cry about it later away from others), very fascinated by mythology and will quickly try to befriend anyone with similar interests, a bit whiney when he can't get what he wants and will try to guilt trip others, shy around those he doesn't "click" with
★ Hobbies:: reading manga (and by that I mean looking at the pictures, he doesn't understand the words in the slightest), listening to stories and mythology (usually told by his parents and grandparents), exploring - especially near human settlements, collecting (*cough* stealing) outfits
★ Skills:: quick, flexable, and has relatively good eyesight (courtesy of his mako shark heritage)
★ History:: grew up in a small group of tibu (mostly family) avoiding human contact. In the hopes of following in the footsteps of his favorite mythical heros, he left them and ventured into human settlements, aquiring both a fear and fascination of them (though the second applies more to their outfits and comics though..)
★ Bad Habits, or Specific Traits:: gnaws at his wrists when he's uncomfortable, tends to act feral when he feels very threatened, oscillates the fins on his back when excited
★ Legend:: humans that killed too many sharks were reborn as sharklike beings as punishment for their crimes
★ Theme Songs:: picking laterrrrr~
★ Extra:: he's part mako shark and oarfish, his tail is 1.5x his height, swims using either amiiform locomotion (when moving slowly) or anguilliform locomotion (when moving quickly) , limbs remain tucked to his sides/tail when swimming to streamline body for optimal speed

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