Mydhilde: New and Old Characters Picture

- In this update, I’m showing off a few recent character sketches. At the top, we have some brand new characters to introduce!

Errick Sun-Leaf
A mellow and cheerful hunter making home in the northern regions of Mydhilde.

Brano Marlinhelde II
The Marlinheldes are a branch of the Olginhelde royal family tree. Brano is the lord of Alorylle, a snowy settlement in the mountainous regions of Mydhilde. He’s a retired hunter, who’s extremely fierce and adamant. His choices often leave his people in doubt, but swears that it’s for their own good.

Gobbledegook and Bafflegab
Quick Note: After a lovely discussion with a follower, I decided to officially call Night Creatures “Fomorians”, after a similar mythological creature in old Irish lore. Anyways, these two dorks are certain fomorians who’re simply out to get super rich, by any means necessary. (Caution: Their designs and names are extremely prone to changes.)

- And on the bottom, we have some older characters. Some with new designs, and some are getting colored (and officially introduced) for the first time.

Ciculio Cirino IV
The good old Lord of Cirino City. A jolly and benevolent fellow.

I changed up his design, because the previous one came off as too intimidating, and didn’t properly reflect his personality.

Spinel Labelle
A spunky gemologist in Cirino City, and Yvonne Labelle’s younger sister.

I changed her name from Kristal to Spinel, and gave her a little makeover. I’m also thinking that her services will do more than just appraise gems, but make them more useful. Oh, and she’s going to sell trinkets, too. More information on that will come when I figure more out.

Aed Buckle
A master blacksmith in Abhainne Village. A single father, he takes his only daughter, Edana, under his wing as his apprentice. One day, Edana hopes to be just like her father – especially with a beard just like him. Uncoincidentally, he also takes a liking to Eily, and offers her as much assistance as he can.

Ordus Cirrus
Probably would have been the hero of this story if not for his recklessness. He once tried to storm Olginhelde Citadel with a group of men. Once. He’s the only survivor of his group, and is left bedridden. He can’t fight anymore, but he might have some wisdom to share for other seeking heroes.

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