The Fifth Royalty Picture

"The mother of all that is evil
Her lips are poisonous venom
Wicked temptress knows how to please
The priestess roars, Get down on your knees"

the initial inspiration was a sketch i did of the throne. i had an idea for a "dragon king" character, much like Onaga from Mortal Kombat, and the throne concept appealed to me the most. i then designed a headdress/crown.

when time came to put it together the character changed to a female. im not sure why. perhaps it was the balance of beauty and power i thought was interesting. i was lucky enough to find a great stock photo of a "dragon queen" here on DA on *Mizzd-stock's profile. ( [link] ) to use as reference.

along the way, i had great direction from Tom Buzbee the artist in residence at Full Sail University who helped a lot in technique and color choices. it seemed she was sitting in an empty room though, another instructor of mine and great artist Amy Williams suggested putting in the candles on the floor. i just wish i could have painted them better

the title comes from Chinese mythology. The four Dragon Kings are the divine rulers of the four seas (each sea corresponds to one of the cardinal directions). i thought a 5th character would fit well into that, especially being the only female. maybe she rules the elements of earth? (but does "the 5th royalty" even make sence? seems weird to say)

id like to dedicate this painting to *Ironshod. one of my heroes here on DA. she did a painting that is very similar to this one (sort of a "good" dragon queen) and submitted it to DA when i was in the early stages of this piece. having the same general idea as someone as talented as her is very inspiring to me. thanks again Ironshod
"friends forever" - ironshod

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