Dragon Quest 3: Ortega Picture

This is my own design for Ortega, the father of the main hero in Dragon Quest 3 video game.

I don't think there is any "character design" for Ortega. There is an 80's type sprite in the game itself. All you can see is that Ortega has dark hair and carries an Axe.

What I did was take the design for the Warrior class in the game, change the armor's color to Blue instead of Pink, and completely changed the head.

The helmet he is wearing is the famous Helmet of Loto from Dragon Quest mythology. It's not called that in DQ3, because it is a prequel and Loto hasn't been born yet. Ortega is his ancestor and the first to wear the Helmet.

I based the face on King Vegeta from DBZ, but with nicer eyes.
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