Sweet Serenade Picture

What a long work achieved now!
It seems that a wind of inspiration blows within my mind: two large pieces in less than a month, this is almost a miracle.

"Sweet Serenade" was inspired by many, many things. It’s kinda difficult to "shed light" on what have could crossed my brain in composing this photomanipulation, but I think my recent readings and my taste for the Greek mythology may certainly be a part of the answer. Do you know what I mean? Yes, Zeus and his many metamorphosis to seduce beautiful women. The swan for Leda, the white bull for Europa are the most known examples.
Maybe this lady here simply plays a tune so bewitching that even a god came down to earth just to listen to it…
Another literary hero has could inspire me: not a mythic hero this time, but a fairytale hero. Would you have recognized Maleficent in the global design of the musician? Her story pleased me a lot when I saw the last Disney movie last year. The scenery was amazing too!
… Besides, I’d secretly want you to have thought of a movie poster at the first sight: enlightened in the center, focused to the main character, in front of simple landscape, down which the title appears.
And eventually, to complete the analysis, let me tell you that music is a big part of inspiration of course. It unlocks everything.

That first long paragraph was about ambience, atmosphere… the content, but this work was also a hard journey in terms of technicity. As you’ll see at the bottom of the page, I’ve used A BUNCH of different pictures. I think I’ve never exploited my software that way before… This was nice, but sometimes chancy. Colors balance, levels, luminosity, contrast, and backlighting (my choice): just DEAL with it, bro.
With my new tablet, I’ve added hair, smoke, leaves, grass, and a few details.
In short, many faults may "jump in your eyes" (French expression that you can translate by: "be obvious") just as the cork of a champagne bottle under pressure, but I did my best!

Anyway, all of this participated to the finale result you’re looking at right now! So let’s get rid of all these explainations and imagine you now have a quick look to the horny violonist’s sanctuary, playing dark tunes down in the wood… Would you like to lend an ear?
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