Argo Comics Anthology Issue 1 Picture


Written by Dan Sehn. Art by Jean Sinclair, Luis Xlll, and Greg Woronchak. Colors by Miguel Marques and Joseph Baker. Pin-ups by industry pros Brad Green and Andy Macdonald!

Impact is an international team of superheroes who sometime work in two units as Impact Gold and Impact Silver. In this issue mythological beasts are on the loose in Brazil and England and the Impact heroes from Germany, England, USA, Greece, Russia, Brazil, Japan, Italy, India, and France unite to face the threats head on! Also in this issue, the Teen Machine help a friend in his pursuit of justice... and a date for the prom!

Argo Comics Anthology introduces you to the heroes and heroines of the Argo Comics Universe.

Argo Comics Anthology #1 TM and © Argo Comics Anthology Number 1 and Dan Sehn. All rights reserved.
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