0070 Ookawa and Hibana Picture

So, finally finished~ xD
I've been pretty much...lazy on this. A lot of procrastination.
Actually, several hours ago, I was going to continue but when I grabbed my pen I simply threw it away >_> xD;

Either way!
Ookawa and Hibana!
Half sisters created to for my mythology class. Ookawa for a Creation myth and Hibana for an Epic/Hero myth.
Well, I am not entirely happy with Hibana's hair .-. The style, I mean. Maybe a shorter hairstyle will do.
But well, I like this a lot, overall xD;
I hope it can be understood that...the red thing on Hibana's Kanabo is blood >_>

Ah, funny thing is I just do all of this for fun .-.
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