Kalisto Picture

And an other "Mutants and Mastermind" hero. This time not one of mine, but the hero of a good friend and long role-playing companion.

Her name is Kalisto and before she was expelled from the Greek mythology world (which actually exist in our world), because she had an argument with some gods, she was a herald of Athena. But Athena who still appreciated her because of her long time following, allowed her to keep her powers granted by Athena himself. The only condition was that she never will abuse these powers for her own good.

And so she walked on the earth thousands of years until she joined the "Heralds of Justice" and since then is fighting side by side with them. But at the same side she is trying to convice the people and her comrades of her divine origin. And because of her very furious mind many people who didn`t believe or even upset her suffered some severe bruises after meeting her for the first time. So happened the first time when "der Falke" (look here [link]) and her met each other and he didnt want to believe her story. He was beaten horribly that day!
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