Do This Again Meme (OC Fenrir) Picture

Any of you remember that little dude?…
Well, i always wanted to make this meme ^^ and i've been in the mood to remake Fenrir since i started reading out of boredom Heroes of Olympus again. And Fenrir is one of my Percy Jackson Universe OCs. So yeah ^^ redid him with my current PMDe skills ^-^ he's become a fine piece of ass xDD even though is face is still too much Sora xD
Some facts about him :
PJO Universe is, for the ones who have no idea, about ancient greek gods and their children. In Heroes of Olympus the romans joined. So i thought : screw it, imma include norse mythology :

So here we go : This is Fenrir Lokison ^-^ son of the norse god of mischief and lies, our dearest Loki
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